Boeing Benefits Overview

Direct Pilot Assistance

Confidential help made available by your employer is just a phone call or email away.


The Only AeroMedical Provider Featuring:

  • The esteemed service of the former Federal Air Surgeon
  • Only full-time Senior AMEs, a rare designation given exclusively to the worlds most experienced and respected AMEs.
  • A complete staff of medical specialists that have received the FAA AME training in Oklahoma City.
  • Customer Service Surveys sent to every pilot assisted for quality. 

If an unexpected health issue turns up, whom do you turn to? We really hope you're as dull today (to your FAA doctor and the rest of the medical profession) as you were yesterday. But if something ever does happen that suddenly keeps you on the ground, we hope you're insured by Harvey Watt & Company. Because getting pilots back on flight status is as vital to us as insuring pilots against the things that ground them in the first place.


Delivering Individualized Care for the Pilot

Harvey Watt & Company's AeroMedical Department is headed by Medical Director Dr. Fred Tilton. Prior to joining us Dr. Tilton was the Federal Air Surgeon in Washington, DC. Last year, many of the professional pilots we insure faced disability problems potentially serious enough to ground them, some permanently. Fortunately, many of them were returned to flight status, and a lot of them wouldn't have made it back at all without our help. Our close relationships in the FAA mean your case will be reviewed and a decision will be made with far less down time. So even if occupational disability insurance doesn't turn you on, think of us as people who you can turn should have a brief question or something more serious and require our team of Senior AeroMedical Examiners to submit your case to the FAA.


Developing Tailored Service Plans for the Population

Harvey Watt & Co. consistently develops products and services for the aviation community. We work with airlines, unions, and other pilot organizations to develop AeroMedical programs to fit their specific needs. We can help you protect your pilot population and their families by bringing them the finest AeroMedical Department in the industry.


85 percent of AMEs perform fewer than 15 exams a year and may either not be up on what is allowed or do not want to take the time to find out the answer for you.


The FAA recently reported that 88 percent of AMEs specialize in areas other than Aerospace Medicine. All doctors and nurses at Harvey Watt & Co. are trained specifically in Aerospace Medicine and familiar with its unique requirements.


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