LTD Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary Disability (TD) Defined

A pilot must be prevented from performing the duties of a pilot, as a result of injury, pregnancy, sickness or disease.


Duration of TD Benefits

TD benefits are payable for a maximum of 26 weeks, starting on the first day sick of the pilot’s sick leave that leads to a qualifying disability. This is referred to as the pilot’s event date. TD benefits are not payable during the first seven days of this period. Additionally, TD benefits are not paid while the pilot is exhausting accident leave or sick leave credit hours.


TD Benefit Calculation

The amount of weekly TD benefit is equal to 50 percent of the weekly average of the highest 12 consecutive months of normal earnings out of the last 36 months while you are on active payroll status (including accident, sick leave and vacation). If you had less than 12 consecutive months of earnings, then the average of earnings in all consecutive months will be used. 


How to qualify for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits?

The pilot transitions to monthly LTD benefits after exhausting the 26 week TD period. In order to qualify for LTD benefits, the pilot must have met the requirements for TD  benefits (whether or not the pilot actually recieved TD benefits) and not be eligible to exercise the privileges of his/her first class medical certificate, as determined by the Plan Administrator and subject to the medical review process. A pilot may also be deemed eligible for LTD benefits if the Company (DAL) determines that the pilot does not meet the standards established by the FAA for the issuance of a first-class medical certificate, including FAA waiver and restriction policy.


LTD Benefit Calculation

The gross LTD benefit amount will be 50 percent of the less of:

  • The composite hourly rate in effect on the pilot's first sick day (event date) multiplied by 80 hours
  • Or the pilot's Final Average Earnings

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