XJET Disability Plan

Express Jet Long Term Disability Plan

Harvey Watt & Co. has been managing the pilot disability plan for ExpressJet for many years.  We strive to deliver pilots and the Benefits Committee the highest level of service and to make the disability process as efficient as possible.


We provide a high level claim review and make benefit recommendations to The Express Jet Committee.


Please contact your claims consultant to review LTD restrictions and limitations that might apply.


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Harvey Watt Account representatives:

J. Michael Young at 800.241.6103 ext 239 jmyoung@harveywatt.com

Shirley Williams at 800.241.6103 ext 253 swilliams@harveywatt.com

Karen Bradford at 800.241.6103 ext 237 kbradford@harveywatt.com


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