XJET Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I should file a claim or not?

Contact the Harvey Watt claims department and ask to speak with the Express Jet Claims Consultant. You will be walked through the process.


How is my claim approved?

All claims are heard and reviewed by the Express Jet Administrative Committee the first Thursday of each month and periodically review thereafter based on the status of your medical condition. The Express Jet Administrative Committee will make the benefit determination of your claim.


When will benefits start?

You will have to exhaust sick and vacation before LTD benefits will begin. You may contact Keeley Mitchell at Express Jet to verify your status, (435)856-1229.


What am I required to do while on LTD benefits?

You are required to keep in communication with your claims consultant regarding your disability status. 


You are required to provide continued proof of disability to Harvey Watt & Co. for continued eligibility considerations.

You are required to file for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) after being on claim for more than six months.

You are required to inform Harvey Watt & Co if you have recovered from your medical condition and been released to return back to work.


What is continued proof of disability?

Continued proof of disability consist of medical office/progress notes, lab results, consultation and other medical reports as it pertains to your disability.


How long can I collect LTD benefits?

Benefits can extend up to age 65, if disability continues to be established as ongoing.


Does my LTD plan offset benefits?

Express Jet LTD plan will offset Worker Compensation benefits, Subrogated claims due to a motor vehicle accident, State Disability and SSDI.


Can I work while on Express Jet LTD benefits?

Your LTD plan doesn’t offset other employment.


Are benefits taxable?

No, employees are not required to pay taxes on benefits received.


If my claim is terminated or denied and I do not agree with the decision, what do I do?

You have the right to Appeal! In order to Appeal, you must submit your appeal in writing to the Express Jet Appeals Committee. The Appeals committee is a subcommittee of the Administrative Committee. Please contact your claims consultant to review LTD restrictions and limitations that might apply.