Limited Time Life Insurance Offer

At last, savings on life insurance BECAUSE you are a professional pilot or married to one. For the next 60 days, apply for up to $150,000 by answering 3 health questions! No physical exam required.


Please click on the links below to complete and submit your Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance application online.


Application for Pilots Application for Spouses


Unique plan features include:

  • No exclusions except suicide which is removed after 2 years
  • 100% Portable: group rates and plan continue regardless of union or employer status
  • Spouse can apply even if pilot does not
  • Never any future health questions to keep coverage
  • Low group rates: coverage available up to $1.5 million
Age   Limited Time Simplified Issue Enrollment
Under age 50      $150,000
Age 50 - 54      $100,000
Age 55-59      $50,000


CLICK THE BOX BELOW to View the Limited Time Life Enrollment Package and Rates:


PDF Downloads Available: