NATA Medical Certfication Services

An NATA Safety Benefit: Medical Certification Services

After much research, the National Air Transportation Association has partnered with Harvey Watt & Co. to make available to members a Member Safety Benefit. Members can now access the same great program led by doctors that have served as Airline Medical Directors and FAA US Federal Air Surgeon.

There are an estimated 50 unpublished changes to the FAA Medical Certification Guidelines and Procedures that govern what medications are approved and what it takes for a pilot to be medically legal to fly under FAR Part 61.53. Rather than having to submit your case to the FAA for a decision that can jeopardize pilot’s careers or result in lengthy avoidable grounding periods, pilots can use these services to reduce liability and shorten or eliminate groundings.

Annual pricing is a low price per pilot monthly giving all flight department pilots access to unlimited Confidential resources and FAA Advocacy. By emailing or calling, pilots can find out what Medications are approved, what the bottle to throttle rule on that medication is, or have doctors such as Dr. Fred Tilton the ret Federal Air Surgeon represent them at no additional charge to the FAA.

Official Provider of NATA Loss of Medical License Insurance Program: Tailor-made solutions providing NATA member organizations access to industry leading programs and rates through the National Air Transportation Association. Members gain access to low rates and exclusive life and disability options. 


NATA Safety Program: FAA Medical Certification Services. Confidential pilot advocacy and FAA representation at a discounted program cost.