Republic Airways Benefits Overview



The Local 357 plans are designed specifically for pilots unlike the Company plans so if you enroll in the Harvey Watt plans, you should opt out of the company plan.

  • Life insurance: portable, straightforward group coverage. Rates as low as half employers’.
  • Long Term Disability Loss of License Insurance
  • Short Term Disability Loss of License Insurance

In response to all of the pilots who have been affected by the lack of a pilot definition of disability plan short comings, we now have plan options to replace the plans the company is offering. The company Life and Disability options are not pilot specific. The Disability plans will not pay for a licensing issue which means on average those plans only pay 3 out of every 1000 insureds. Loss of License plans pay 1 out every 20 each year. Each month we’ve heard from pilots who were denied by the company plans.

You can lose your RAH company life insurance if you become disabled. This new Local 357 plan can be kept at group rates even if you leave the company.

Life Insurance has no exclusions except suicide which is removed after two years of coverage. Through the end of the year, pilots & spouses can purchase up to $150,000 life insurance coverage with limited underwriting requirements. 


Application for Pilots Application for Spouses


As a new hire you can enroll in the Local 357 Short and Long Term Pilot Disability Insurance with no health questions or underwriting.  

Short Term & Long Term Loss of Medical License Insurance: Each month the Benefits Committee has heard from pilots who have been denied by the Company plans because they are not designed on a loss of license definition of disability. The union plan offers a pilot specific definition of disability. Benefits are based on REPORTED earnings – not actual earnings. Raise or lower earnings by emailing  FAA Medical Certification Advocacy Services are provided to all Loss of Medical policyholders. Let our doctors confidentially represent you to the FAA Certification Division at no additional charge. The Benefits Committee advises pilots to replace the Company coverage with these options. 


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If you are not a new hire but wish to apply, please call Harvey Watt at 800-241-6103.