Republic Long Term Disability

Complete Your Financial Plan

You're enjoying life - and then it happens. A bad back. A bum knee. A problem pregnancy. All of these problems can keep you out of work. And for most people, out of work means out of money. That's where Group Disability insurance coverage from Symetra Life Insurance Company (Symetra) can help. If eligible, you'll get a portion of your income if you are unable to do your job. The benefits can help you and your loved ones pay for the most important things in life:

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Food
  • Car loans
  • Education and child care expenses 
  • Bills 

AeroMedical Advocacy Services

All Republic pilots carrying this disability policy will be eligible for AeroMedical Advocacy Services through Harvey Watt & Company. 


AeroMedical Advocacy Services through Harvey Watt & Company provides every Republic Pilot insured under the Republic LTD plan with a confidential resource to help navigate the FAA Medical Certification Division whether you are disabled - or trying to avoid a disability. This confidential and voluntary program is there to help whenever needed. Our experience shows that by expanding these services, careers can be saved, disabilities can be shortened and rates can be stabilized.


For AeroMedical Services contact Harvey Watt & Company at (800) 241-6103 or send a confidential email to

  •  Agents are paid by salary, not commission.
  • 1 in 20 pilots are on disability every year.

A disabling sickness or injury can happen to anyone. Nearly one in five of us will become disabled for a year or more before reaching age 65.1 So help protect one of your most important assets - your income.


Thanks to the efforts of your union leadership, Republic Airways Pilots now have the opportunity to buy Aetna Group Disability insurance.  You have the chance to buy coverage up to the specific tax free amounts described in your enrollment materials.


1 Life and Heath Insurance Foundation for Education. Disability Insurance: Who Needs It? January 16, 2007.


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