Republic Short Term Disability

Local 357 Short Term Disability Insurance

You need to know: The Short Term Disability plan Republic Airways Company is offering during open enrollment is not a Loss of License plan. Every month we hear from pilots who are denied benefits because their disability was related to their medical certificate. This new plan is a Loss of License option from Harvey Watt, plan administrator for our long-term Loss of License Plan that we've had good feedback on for years.


Plan features & why you should sign up for this plan and cancel RAH plan during open enrollment:

  • Greater income protection
  • Benefit Percentage of 60% instead of 50% and a maximum of $1,500 instead of $510 weeky benefit.
  • Can cover guaranteed earnings AND overtime pay whereas the Employer-plan does not cover overtime.
  • Benefits will be payable from Day 1 for a disability caused by an accident rather than having to wait 7 days.
  • FAA Loss of License coverage
  • Provide income protection until your Harvey Watt long-term Loss of License plan begins


CLICK A PDF BELOW to View your Republic Short Term Disability Enrollment Package Information and Rates: