SkyWest Airlines Benefits Overview

Harvey Watt & Co. prides itself on delivering the finest insurance products at the finest values possible to the career pilot population. We have been there to meet the needs of SkyWest Airlines pilots since day one. We offer a full line of loss of license and life insurance products developed especially for you and negotiated at group rates. As an added value to all of our policy holders, you have the full backing of the Harvey Watt AeroMedical Network led by our medical director Dr. Fred Tilton, the former Federal Air Surgeon. So go ahead and ask our air health expert for advice at no additional charge.


We believe that the best way to help protect your income is to help you stay in the air. That’s why we are as well known for helping pilots get back to work as we are for paying claims. In a moment’s notice, your future and the livelihood of your family could be changed forever. Secure your future and make sure that you have the money necessary.


SAPA Loss of Medical Insurance SAPA has partnered with Harvey Watt & Co. to design an exclusive Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance programs to protect the pilots of SkyWest and their families until retirement. 


Life Insurance We have solutions for your Life Insurance needs. First, however, you need to answer a critical question: How much life insurance do you need?


Aviation Medical Bulletin
Published since 1969, this well-known monthly health newsletter is filled with up-to-date, helpful health and medical information. While particularly relevant to those whose occupation is dependent upon their health, it is also read by many others to whom good health is important.