Southwest Airlines Benefits Overview

Loss of License Insurance

Harvey Watt & Co. (“Harvey Watt”) administrates the Southwest Airlines Co. Loss of License Plan (the “LOL Plan”) on behalf of Southwest Airlines Co. (“Southwest”). The LOL Plan provides you with compensation in the event you lose your License due to your Temporary Total Incapacity. If you become incapacitated due to accidental bodily injury, a sickness or disease that prevents you from continuing the duties of your occupation as a pilot or flight engineer, and the incapacitation results in an actual loss of license, or if Harvey Watt determines that you would lose your license upon examination and upon notification from SWA that you are an eligible participant in the plan we provide the following services:

  • Review applications for completeness and correspond with you as needed
  • Correspond with attending physicians concerning medical issues
  • Perform a high level claim review, and provide SWA with recommendations concerning claims payments, appeals, denials and related matters
  • Monitor claims activity (as appropriate) and conduct any necessary investigation into the status of the claims process
  • Provides proactive medical guidance during disability
  • Communicate with Federal Aviation (FAA) as needed
  • Communicate with Airlines Benefits and Operations departments as needed 
  • Assist you with filing for Social Security benefits, monitor the process and communicate with the Airline regarding the same.
  • Act as advisor and representative in your re-certification process with the FAA

For answers to frequently asked questions and assistance with the Loss of License claim process, please contact 

Brenda Simmons, Claims Consultant, at 800-241-6103 Ext 234.


Aviation Medical Bulletin

As a SWA pilot, the Aviation Medical Bulletin is provided to you at no charge thanks to your employer. Published since 1969, this well-known monthly health newsletter is filled with up-to-date, helpful health and medical information. While particularly relevant to those whose occupation is dependent upon their health, it is also read by many others to whom good health is important. Contact Harvey Watt to subscribe to the monthly Bulletin.