UPS Management Pilot Disability

Disability Coverage Designed Specifically for Your Needs


Complete Your Financial Plan

Most people’s greatest financial asset is their future earning power.  A joint study conducted by the Harvard Medical and Law Schools of personal bankruptcies occurring in 2001 reveals that more than half of those bankruptcies were caused by illness and medical bills.  Surprisingly, more than three quarters of those bankrupted had health insurance when misfortune struck.  Working folks also need adequate disability coverage.

As a flight qualified management pilot, a slight medical issue could limit or prevent you entirely in performing your job, thus causing you to lose all or part of your income.   The plan is designed to step in if that were to occur, providing coverage for 30% of your reported earnings, up to a monthly maximum of $6,000 tax free benefit.

Plan provides:

  •         Covers your inability to work in your own occupation
  •         Partial disability coverage included
  •         Tax-Free Benefits
  •         It provides benefit coverage until at least Social Security Normal Retirement Age

To enroll, click the link below to view/print the application, enter your personal information and fax or email it to