Aeromedical Claims Consultant- HIMS and FFD Specialist

    Successful candidates will possess outstanding multi-tasking abilities, communication and teamwork as well as the ability to keep up in a fast paced working environment. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate previous successful/positive customer service encounters or programs.


    Provide direct support to the Aeromedical Physician Consultant on a daily basis to provide superior attention to the certification needs and care of the professional pilot (Airman).

    Perform case manager duties, including but not limited to, assessment, planning, facilitation, medical appointment coordination, case evaluation, and advocacy for options and services that help the Airman satisfy aeromedical requirements through communication and available resources that promote timely, quality, and cost-effective outcomes.

    Collaborate with HIMS Administrator (and/or Company administrative personnel) and Harvey Watt Clinical Consultants to evaluate new case referrals and then determine, discuss and advise the Airman of all medical criteria required for consideration of a Special Issuance Authorization by the FAA.

    As directed by Watt Aeromedical Physician Consultant, provide Fitness for Duty assessment, recommendations and aeromedical advice to the Airman regarding Company and/or FAA certification requirements.

    Assist Airman and the medical providers with prepping case files, outreach and scheduling for Airman and general management of tasks for follow up.

    Work with airmen, their families and/or Watt staff in handling and resolving problems that occur during the course of the Airman’s aeromedical case

    Upon receipt of a new referral from the Company/Client or receipt of a call from an Airman, properly assess the Airman’s situation and quickly determine the course of action necessary to recertify the Airman so that he or she can return to duty.  This includes:

    1. Conducting an initial assessment and
    2. Collecting of any medical paperwork necessary for a complete review (confer with Physician Consultant, as needed) and
    3. Helping to make the Airman’s experience as positive as possible

    Enter new case referrals into a proprietary case management database, which includes gathering demographic, employment, medical history and other related data.

    Develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with treatment facility staff and other providers (i.e. insurance companies, PHP's, O/P etc.) in order to effectively serve all airmen in crisis.

    Attend aftercare meetings, observe and report findings to Aeromedical Physician Consultant.

    Respond easily to routine requests for information.
    Maintain the Airman’s confidentiality at all times.
    Communicate with Airman and provide verbal feedback in a professional manner.

    Meets productivity standards as defined by service level agreements for delivery of services (productivity is continuously assessed by program management).

    Other related duties as assigned.


    • Minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience as a Claims and/or Case manager demonstrating best in class practices for case/claim management by use of a diary or tickler system
    • Minimum of 2 years of experience with mentally ill or chemically dependent populations
    • Knowledge of local resources and Behavioral Care Services
    • Experience in crisis triage and risk assessment


    • Minimum of 3 – 5 years of strong Customer Service experience.
    • Bachelor’s Degree; Equivalent training, certification or experience is acceptable.
    • Detail oriented with strong analytical and organizational ability.
    • Experience interfacing with client (s) and the ability to deal with them in a professional manner.
    • A genuine desire and commitment to customer service


    • Knowledge of the Human Intervention Motivational Study (HIMS), the process and criteria for FAA certification.
    • Problem solving abilities/good judgment, with strong interpersonal skills.
    • Effective communication skills (both written and verbal) with strong telephone skills, adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people at various levels inside and outside Harvey Watt and Company
    • Ability to verbally de-escalate violent /disruptive behavior.
    • Diplomacy, tact, patience needed in dealing with those in accurate distress, suffering from serious mental illness or anger due to career crisis.
    • Ability to follow and understand instructions, and react favorably in all work situations.
    • Ability to work independently and assimilate learning materials on different subjects from various sources.
    • Computer savvy with ability to learn applicable business software applications for use in an automated work environment, including strong systems, Internet, Windows, Word and Excel experience.
    • Expected to demonstrate authoritative knowledge of Harvey W. Watt & Company’s coverage, products and services.
    • Expected to help build and maintain a reputation of quality for Harvey W. Watt  & Company


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