Insurance Pilot Claim Administration

We proudly deliver expert Claim Absence Management and third-party Administrative Services.

Through our Insurance Pilot Claim Administration, we help Group Leaders manage their pilots’ disability claims. Because of our industry expertise and close ties with the FAA, we are able to confirm your pilots’ eligibility to return to flight status by verifying their FAA documentation.

Administering Your Pilots' Claims

Harvey Watt assists airline pilots, through their group memberships, whether they are enrolled in a self-insured or fully insured pilot disability plan. We help them by administering their plans under the terms of service agreements, conduct Evidence of Insurability reviews, as well as manage and review enrollment applications.

When a claim is filed, the Harvey Watt Claims Department is committed to providing our customers with fair, concise, and legally sound processing of disability claims. It is through Harvey Watt’s high level of professionalism and understanding of the unique circumstances pilots face that has enabled us to earn the trust of pilots and their groups over the last 65 years.