STD / LTD Claim Management

Harvey Watt offers full service Claims Management services for Short Term Disability (STD) or Long Term Disability (LTD) claims. Our AME-trained claim consultants are experts at timely claim approval and closure processing. As pioneers in pilot disability case law, we will help you avoid unnecessary escalations and plan abuse, while improving employee relations. 

The Harvey Watt Process

Once the claim has been submitted, we gather preliminary information to substantiate the disability claim, and then follow up with a thorough investigation based on the specific FAA requirements pilots face. The investigation typically includes extensive AeroMedical review, treatment plan interpretation, and any specific collateral requirements requested by the airline or organization. 

Our clients have found that our full service absence management process provides significant cost savings:

  • Reduce duration of benefits
  • Timely claim approval & closure processing
  • Avoid unnecessary escalations & plan abuse
  • Improved employee relations
  • AME trained claims consultants
  • State-of-the-art reporting technology

Faster Pilot Recertification

We work directly with our physicians network to design treatment plans that minimize pilots’ recertification time. All of Harvey Watt’s physicians and nurses are trained in Aerospace Medicine. They will identify medical conditions and establish a treatment plan that will return claimants to work as soon as possible.

Disability and Recertification Partners

Once the pilot has recovered from the disability, we confirm whether the post-recovery status is subject to additional FAA requirements. If so, we explain what is required and help the pilot secure the necessary testing and supporting records. We guide the pilot through every step of the process, including the submission of a case for Special Issuance. Once flight status is approved and the pilot returns to work, the claim is closed, but Group Leaders or pilots can contact us with questions at any time.  

Proactive Claims Assistance 

  • We determine if plan provisions limit or exclude the claim
  • If there’s no provision, and with early notice, we employ early intervention techniques
  • We research alternative non-disqualifying treatment options that may shorten a mandated wait period
  • Claims are reviewed regularly
  • Return to Work is promoted 


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