Claims Absence Management

Harvey Watt’s comprehensive Pilot Claim Absence Management services have revolutionized AeroMedical treatment and medical disabilities management. With more than 65 years of experience, we've built the most innovative AeroMedical absence management model in the industry.

You can rely on Harvey Watt & Co. for your Claims and Absence Management needs:

Pilot Claim Absence Management Expertise

With Harvey Watt’s AeroMedical expertise and official recognition from the FAA as a Pilot Advocacy Organization, no one else can match our disability claim management services and AeroMedical integration with the Federal Air Regulations. When your claims are handled by our high-level AME trained claim examiners, your exposure is protected, especially in cases where claims have been denied or litigated.


We Save You Time and Money

We reduce your liability and save collateral costs by reducing pilots’ down time. We also provide the absence management and claim verification needed to confirm your pilots are legal to fly. With our robust Third Party Administrator reporting technology capabilities and expertise in getting pilots cleared for return to work, we save you time and protect the plans without alienating pilots. Airlines and insurance companies partner with us to manage their plans, and unions use us to administrate their plans. 

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Harvey Watt is Your Best Choice

Our claims examiners have completed the AeroMedical Examiner training at the FAA headquarters in Oklahoma City. This means that:

  1. When your pilots contact us to file a claim, they talk to knowledgeable examiners who know if their condition is disqualifying by FAA standards.
  2. Harvey Watt examiners manage pilot disability claims more effectively than anyone else in the industry. We gather specific documentation needed to confirm the disability, help pilots complete their claims, partner with doctors, and explore treatment alternatives.
  3. Our examiners know when to have the file reviewed by an AeroMedical specialist to protect the fiduciary.