Tailored Group Insurance Designs

Group Insurance Plans That Save You Time & Money

Since 1951, we have advocated for pilots to stay in the cockpit or get back to it, saving you lost time and claim costs. Harvey Watt will work with your Group Leaders to develop tailored Disability and Life Insurance plans for your pilots. We can help you develop a new plan with our approved underwriters and insurance companies, or continue to manage one that is already in place. Our concierge claim service is ready to assist your pilots and their families during their time of need. 

In addition to insurance plans, we offer experienced marketing, underwriting, claims, compliance, administrative and medical support systems. Our goal is to add value to your plan, help ensure its success through enhanced pilot acceptance, and lower your administrative and claims costs. 

Pilot Disability Protection at Affordable Group Rates

We find the best combination of disability insurance plan features and rates for airlines and organizations of any size. Plans can also be bundled with our industry-leading AeroMedical Recertification Services. You’ll enjoy exclusive relationships with "A" rated insurance companies that only insure pilots working with us. 

Open enrollment pools your pilots together for the best pricing and feature benefits, and pilots can enroll with no health questions. Plans can be funded partially or wholly by employer, association, or pilots. As a licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA), we can administer direct billing to pilots, payroll deduction, or association/employer partial or fully paid plans.

Loss of Medical License Insurance plans can be tailored for you:

  •       Short Term Disability – Typically covers the first 6 months of medical grounding
  •       Long Term Disability – Can provide benefits for 2 years, 4 years, or until retirement age
  •       Lump Sum Benefits –  Paid up front in one cash payment 

Group Life Insurance Benefits for Pilots

We've proven that professional pilots are a very good life insurance risk because their careers are dependent on good health. Leverage our 65 years of experience serving 65,000 pilots to provide cost-effective protection for your airmen and their families. There are no policy exclusions except suicide, which is removed after coverage has been in effect for 2 years.

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    Pilot Associations, Airlines, and Companies of all sizes have unique needs. No two groups are the same. Whether it is an employer paid plan for all employees, a voluntary offering of loss of license insurance, or a union provided base amount of coverage with an optional “Step/Buy-Up member paid portion,” we know the plan must be tailored for you.



    We know what the major airlines, most of the regionals, and many of the Part 135/91 operators offer in Disability and Life Insurance.



    We go to market for your group so Insurers compete for your business. We find the best combination of rates and plan features. Many insurers only write pilot loss of license disability insurance with Harvey Watt & Co.



    We understand plan designs, features, and policy language that have worked in the past to ensure that the plan pays benefits as designed and is protected from abuse. Leverage our experience and case law we pioneered and applied to insurance policy provisions.



    Companies and Airlines rely on us to administer their Self-Insured or Fully-Insured Insurance plans. We help administer claims by working with claimants every step of the way. This ensures the plans pay when they should and as the claimant is expecting. This also helps ensure stable costs and content employees.



    Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Consultants assist pilots by letting them know if they can fly with a medication or represent them to the FAA to get cleared. Bundle with your Insurance or Self-Insurance for cost savings.



    Fully licensed in all required states. Payroll deduction, ACH billing, claim administration, policy language consulting, and claim/benefit payments.