Why Harvey Watt?

•Manage disability programs for 65,000+ pilots
•Only Third Party Administrator specializing in pilots
•Licensed Senior AMEs on staff
•All Claims Examiners are AME trained
•We help pilots return to work FASTER

  • Group Insurance

    Tailored life and disability plan development for groups of any size. We can manage your existing Group Disability Plan, design a new plan, and provide all functions of a third party AeroMedical Department.

  • Pilot Medical Certification Services

    We provide AeroMedical and Certification Services to your pilots. By advocating for them and working directly with the FAA, we expedite returns to flight status or help them avoid grounding issues altogether.

  • Claims Absence Management

    Reduce liability and claim costs by reducing your pilots’ downtime through our Claim Absence Management. Get effective management with maximum protection for your pilots. 

  • Reporting

    Enjoy full reporting capabilities tailored to deliver specialized data required by your airline, including our Pilot Disability Management System with daily data transfers, claim alerts, and dashboard reports. 


We go to market for you to ensure that your pilots get the coverage they deserve. The airlines and organizations listed below trust us to administer their plans every day.

Every year, 15 percent of pilots who have access to our Group Certification Services call us for help with the FAA.