Fitness for Duty

Harvey Watt represents over 65,000 pilots across the U.S. We design Fitness for Duty programs based on the airline’s or organization’s unique requirements. Because the majority of pilots we serve are union represented, our doctors, nurses, and AeroMedical consultants understand the chain of custody required with Fitness for Duty evaluations. Our extensive experience includes working with litigated cases, union-represented employee groups, and physical and mental conditions.

Less Cost, More Advantages

When Harvey Watt handles Fitness for Duty responsibilities, the airline incurs less absence costs and fraudulent claims, with lower company overhead and oversight. We provide more accurate and efficient case management and claim settlements, which leads to fewer complaints and reduced union intervention. You can call or email us to open a case, and many times we can resolve it in as little as 7 to 10 days. 

Our clients enjoy the highest level of customer service and HIPAA-compliant medical attention. The AeroMedical group, led by the former Federal Air Surgeon, ensures cases are handled properly. We manage compliance and case escalations for legal and grievance purposes, while the airline still manages day-to-day pilot issues.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  •   Experienced Airline Medical Directors & FAA-designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiners
  •   Doctors trained in HIMS alcohol and substance abuse protocols
  •   AeroMedical network of 500 independent physicians in virtually every medical specialty
  •   Increased airline and pilot satisfaction
  •   Reduced absence costs
  •   More accurate case management and claim settlements
  •   High quality customer service despite fluctuations in business volumes
  •   Effective fraudulent claims management
  •   HIPAA-compliant process
  •   Less overhead due to employee maintenance and escalations, internal oversight, and compliance issues
  •   Manage compliance & case escalations for legal & grievance purposes
  •   Resolve pilot issues without alienating pilots
  •   Shared industry knowledge
  •   Pilots’ improved perception of company’s medical privacy management, leading to less escalations, complaints, and union intervention

 Harvey Watt’s Fitness for Duty Process

  • Gather facts from the employer and the employee.
  • We review the case, and an AeroMedical Physician Consultant makes recommendations, including a physician specialist consultation if needed.
  • The Independent Medical Evaluation (if completed) is reviewed by an AeroMedical Physician Consultant, and the results are discussed with the employee.
  • We help the employer develop a return to work plan. 

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