Substance Abuse Program

The Harvey Watt medical staff coordinates alcohol and substance abuse cases enrolled in the FAA’s Human Intervention Motivational Study, known as HIMS. We have extensive experience with alcohol and chemical dependency cases, so we can advocate effectively and minimize recertification time. Our involvement with the HIMS Program Department sets us apart as the industry leader in preserving careers and enhancing air safety. We serve as employer, airline, or union HIMS representative to deliver HIMS program oversight and FAA compliance regulations.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Experts

Harvey Watt is the industry expert in helping pilots recover from alcohol or substance abuse and return to flying. Our medical consultants are HIMS, AME, and SAP trained, and our HIMS AMEs include the retired Federal Flight Surgeon. Our goal is to get the pilot back in the cockpit as quickly as possible.

Harvey Watt contracts with the employer or union and represents you, the pilot. We make sure pilots receive the treatment they need and help them do everything they can to return to flying.

We are Active HIMS Partners

The HIMS Program is a three-tiered program encompassing the union, the employer, and the FAA. We liaise with pilots, company, and association representatives and provide pilots an active, caring resource. Our hands-on approach includes coordinating the program with industry managers, pilots, healthcare professionals, and the FAA. We ensure that the established program is FAA-compliant, then we implement and document the plan through completion.

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