Harvey Watt US Insurance Options Vs Lloyds of London Insurance

    We administer the plans for 65,000 pilots worldwide which is about 1300% more insurance policies covering professional pilots than there are professional pilots in all of the UK. Not only did we invent loss of license insurance, we originally did it with Lloyds. Today, we have US insurance companies that will only write Loss of License Insurance through us because they’ve seen how we can help pilots get back into the cockpit.

    Here the facts:

    • We know that professional pilots in the US have a rate of long term disability due to loss of medical license of 1 in 20 ANNUALLY.
    • The Harvey Watt plans pay, 1 in 20 pilots that carry the coverage ANNUALLY.
    • Lloyds underwriters that we work with where we have no other options abroad, represent that their plans pay 8 out of 1000 pilots covered ANNUALLY.
    • Watt US insured plans are highly regulated for solvency and plans are guaranteed by States. Lloyds plans are not required to meet the same regulations and are charged additional alien insurer fees.
    • We back our coverages with our name, reputation, and staff of medical consultants led by our Medical Director Dr. Tilton the former Federal Air Surgeon.
    • The plans we offer our pilots and specifically design for pilot groups, are the best combination of rates, fair claim practices, and plan features we can find, at home or abroad. Whatever we offer you: Lloyds or US Insurance, then it’s the best value that we could find to supplement existing coverage or be your family’s only protection.

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