Not Just Insurance

    Harvey Watt & Co. is the largest Loss of License Pilot Disability Insurance provider in the world. But the greatest benefit of being a Harvey Watt policyholder is the support provided through our education, preventive medical assistance, and disability rehabilitation & recertification programs.


    Education is the key to awareness. That’s why policyholders receive a complimentary subscription to the Aviation Medical Bulletin. Published since 1969, our publication promotes wellbeing and an improved lifestyle, which is particularly relevant to those whose good health is critical to their livelihoods. Many health insurance carriers even give a premium discount of up to 50 percent to those who receive it! The Bulletin also includes valuable FAA and industry news to keep our clients up to date.

    Preventive AeroMedical Assistance

    We believe the best way to protect pilots’ income is to keep them in the cockpit. That’s why our AeroMedical department is available to policyholders – free of charge. We provide proactive medical guidance to help pilots avoid disability and loss of license.

    Our AME-trained AeroMedical staff knows what the FAA requires, when to take action, and how to help pilots keep flying. We interface with pilots and their attending physicians to ensure that the right steps, treatment, and medication are being prescribed to solve the medical problem and minimize or eliminate downtime.

    Disability Rehabilitation & Recertification Services

    Since 1951, we have managed the rehabilitation and recertification of pilots who lose their license due to a disability. We understand the FAA system, so we can significantly shorten a pilot’s time out of work.

    Harvey Watt submits disability cases, expedites approval, interfaces with the FAA on the pilot’s behalf, handles appeals, and confidentially advocates for airmen. Our medical assistance is both critical and effective in getting pilots back on flight status as quickly as possible. The benefits to Harvey Watt policyholders are immeasurable!

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