• Life Insurance

    Designed specifically to protect professional pilots and their families. We offer guaranteed portable policies with the most competitive insurance options available. Easy enrollment, with no future health questions.

  • Pilot Disability Insurance

    Inventor of pilot disability loss of license insurance and world’s most trusted manager since 1951. Short and long term protection available for when health keeps you out of the cockpit or unable to use your Medical.

  • FAA Medical Certification Services

    Doctors, Nurses, and Medical consultants are standing by to confidentially answer your FAA Medical Certification questions and represent you to the FAA to get your Medical back.

  • Claims Assistance

    We are pilot advocates. Our AME trained claims consultants are here for you every step of the process: we guide you, answer questions, manage your claims, and help you get back into the cockpit sooner.

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Aviation Medical Bulletin

Published since 1969, this well-known monthly health newsletter is filled with up-to-date, helpful health and medical information summarized from many of the world's most respected medical authorities and literature. While particularly relevant to pilots whose occupation is dependent upon their health, it is also read by many others to whom good health is important. Contact Us to see if you qualify for a free subscription through your Airline or Organization or subscribe now.

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About Harvey Watt

65 Year History

  • LONGEVITY: Founded 1951
  • TRUSTED: Serving US & Foreign Major Airlines and Fortune 500 Insurers
  • FLEXIBILITY: Programs are tailored differently for every clients' needs
  • SPECIALIZED: Exclusively administer professional pilot programs
  • EXPERTISE: Doctors have directed FAA and Legacy Airline Medical Departments
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