Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance

Harvey Watt exclusively offers the following Pilot Disability Income Insurance Plans

Pilot Short Term Disability

Three optional waiting periods. We recommend choosing a waiting period matching your savings, sick bank balance, or use this plan in lieu of sick bank to save it. Contact us to save by lengthening your waiting period as your needs change. If this and other plans pay for the same time disabled, one of those plans may be reduced. This plan pays during the first six months grounded before other Harvey Watt Insurance begins.

Lump Sum Catastrophic Disability Income Insurance

A Lump Sum benefit is payable when you are permanently unable to fly. It allows a disabled pilot to live within the reduced monthly income that invariably follows a permanent Loss of License.

Monthly Pay Disability Income Insurance

A Monthly Pay benefit to supplement your income on a monthly basis, including when you are temporarily disability, but expecting to return to active flight status when your health permits. Waiting periods as short as 6 months and payable for up to 4 years.

Extended Long-Term Disability & Loss of License Plan

These options are designed to provide extended disability income protection after your have paid the number of monthly payments you choose (up to 48 mo.) Unlike the Air Health plans, if this plan and others pay for the same time period disabled, one of those plans may reduce benefits.

As the world’s largest loss of license manager, we have exclusive plans to meet needs of every type of professional pilot to supplement or be your only coverage. Contact Us to help compare options and understand your current coverage we likely also manage.

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Monthly Pay & Lump Sum

Short Term Disability

Extended Long Term Disability


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